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Lightning Protection

You may be surprised to learn that an estimated 70% of all Telephone System faults, result from power surges, and transients induced onto your mains power or telephone lines.

Most mains power surges result from nearby lightning strikes. In the summer of 1995 there were an amazing 200,000 lightning strikes on the British Isles in the space of just 2 days.

Modern electrical equipment such as Computers and Telephone systems, have many sensitive components, which are very susceptible to power anomalies. A single incident could, not only cause thousands of pounds of damage to your computers and telephone system, but also could leave you without any telephone service.

With a little expert advice, it is possible to take steps that would offer complete power protection for your entire site. Total protection is usually afforded for only a small fraction of the cost of the hardware protected. We can arrange for an Electrical Expert and a Telecommunications Expert to visit your site and assess the risks. We will then submit a report on the action you should take to protect your Company.