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Disaster Recovery Planning

If, tonight, you had a fire, flood, or major mechanical failure, which rendered your telephone system useless, how would your important business calls be answered tomorrow morning?

In considering this question, you may wish to note a few statistics:

The Potential cost to business:

Less than 10% Survival Rate for Businesses without a disaster recovery plan.

(Source: Touche Ross Management Consultants)

60% of Companies, which experienced a loss of normal Telecoms for a period of 10 days, ceased trading within a year. (Source: Henley Management Institute).

15% lose over £1 million, 20% lose between £250,000 and £1 million, 33% lose between £10,000 and £250,000 (Source: Coopers & Lybrand)

It does not have to be a catastrophic disaster to affect you business. A recent study found that Theft, Malicious Damage, Major System Faults, and Hacking accounted for many more “disaster scenario incidents” than floods and fires. (Click here for Disaster Statistics)

Telcheck are specialists in telecommunications disaster recovery planning, our aim is to forestall the threat to your vital telecommunications functions, and to minimise the impact should the threat ever become a reality. We will examine your current telecommunications arrangements and then report upon what steps you should take to reduce the risk of any incident occurring. We will also illustrate the available contingencies, which would lessen the impact and reduce disruption should a disaster occur. Addressing this issue can significantly reduce your insurance premiums, usually by considerably more than the cost of our report.