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Telcheck is a family run firm of independent Telecommunications Consultants offering impartial unbiased advice on all aspects of business telecommunications. Established in 1991, we now work for over 450 UK Clients including many Blue Chip Companies, Universities and NHS Trusts. Our services include:

Tariff Analysis:

Independent, Impartial advice on which of the current  carriers can offer the best rates and quality of service for you.

Cost Control Audits:

Identification of Overcharges and negotiation of refunds, plus analysis of your ongoing expenditure on a payment only by results basis.

Hardware & Services Advice:

If you are considering changing your telephone system or investing in any new products or services, we can provide you with independent advice and even project management services. We are dedicated to providing expert advice whilst keeping our fees low, you will be surprised by how much we can save you and how little it costs.

Disaster Recovery Planning:

The consequences of losing your telecommunications services could be catastrophic, we can advise on measures you should take to avoid threats and minimize the impact should a threat become a reality. Considerable savings on insurance premiums can result from addressing this issue.

Lightning Protection:

70% of system faults result from Power anomalies, and these are most often caused by nearby Lightning strikes. We can advise on protecting your entire site from power problems and ensuring protection against loss of equipment and telecommunications service.

Customer Service Audits:

If you are concerned about the quality of telephony response provided by your Company to your clients we can conduct a series of surveys including test calls and call management analysis to ensure that standards are always maintained at a high level.

Outsourced Telecommunications Management

Take the stress out of managing your Company’s telecommunications systems & services.

IT & DATA Networking Consultancy

IT & Data Networks now form part of our Portfolio thanks to a strategic alliance with a high quality firm of IT Consultants.

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